Someone is always looking for that very service or product you provide and you are only one click away from being found. Our only motto is to make customer and business oriented solutions which will take you to your customers. As a one-stop solution for your multimedia & development solution, you can count on Edge Labs Digital for your every need

Mobile Application Development

Native, Hybrid

The ever changing technological advancements has brought the whole world into our palms. Recent consumers trend shows increasing spent time on mobile devices rather than desktop computers. Edgelabs Digital can help you creating a mobile first approach for your enterprise and consumer based services to help you reach your goals.

Website Development

eCommerce, Business

In this interconnected and technologically advanced world, business has also gone online. Doesn’t matter the size, a business without a website lacks the credibility and face risk of losing potential customers. A website is a salesman working for you round the clock without being tired. Our experience developers are always here to help you put your name online.

SMS Marketing

Masked, Unmasked

SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching consumers today. Almost 100% of consumer base of any business is under cell phone coverage now, making it the most widely reached marketing tool. Researchers found out that a SMS is very likely to be opened within five minutes of being received making it a great fit for business promotions, appointment reminders, contests, surveys. Edge Labs Digital offers a very competitive rate for any of your SMS marketing needs.

Facebook Promotion


Promotion is vital for any business to grow. It creates brand awareness and visitbility to potential customers. facebook promotion will give you more than that. The most powerful feature of facebook is community. Promoting in facebook not only ensures that you are reaching your potential customers, it also ensures that you have a strong community. We at Edge Labs believe that everybody should get the chance to promote their business and we have just the right package for your need.

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